Faber Scurry Breast Cancer Foundation

        Provider of Elizabeth's Blessed Girls Care Bags


The Faber Scurry Breast Cancer Foundation was founded by the late Dr. Adrienne Scurry-Marinnie in 2009 after being diagnosed with breast cancer.  Dr. Adrienne Scurry-Marinnie believed that it is important for women to maintain positive thinking, self-esteem and self-image while undergoing treatment for cancer.  It was also important for Dr. Scurry-Marinnie that women have some comforts of home to stimulate a mindset of peace, rest and safety, which is why the primary mission of the Faber Scurry Breast Cancer Foundation is to provide Elizabeth's Blessed Girls Care bags to women undergoing treatment for cancer. 


                                                  ABOUT THE FOUNDER

Professionally, Adrienne worked nearly two decades as an educator to meet the needs of diverse student groups.  Her positions as Dean, Operations Administrator and Assistant Director equipped her to also lead  staff to implement academic and support services for students in grades K-12.  Dr. Scurry-Marinnie alsoo  taught college courses in Communication and Writing at online and traditional colleges and universities.  A lifelong learner, Dr. Scurry-Marinnie earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech Pathology, a Master of Arts degree in Educational Audiology and a Doctorate in Education.

The Faber Scurry Breast Cancer Foundation organizes events on an ongoing basis to promote breast cancer awareness and its' mission, which is to provide women with Elizabeth's Blessed Girls Care Bags, which consists of a water bottle, pen, journal, inspirational CD and a beautifully embroidered blanket.  While cancer is never an easy battle, the Faber Scurry Breast Cancer Foundation supports women through every step of their journey.   Dr. Adrienne Scurry-Marinnie always found peace in knowing that any contribution toward eradicating cancer is a step closer toward victory!  The Faber Scurry Breast Cancer Foundation also seeks to continue the vision of Dr. Adrienne Scurry-Marinnie by providing scholarships to outstanding, college bound students.

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